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Western Red Cedar and Adirondack furniture is synonymous with quality outdoor leisure and enjoyment.
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Outdoor Adirondack Furniture made from Western Red Cedar

Our top-selling Adirondack Chair features a sculpted seat and curved back slats for maximum comfort! Our Adirondack furniture is made of 1" thick Western Red Cedar.

The parts are held firmly in place using 1 3/4" stainless steel fasteners and special elasticized polyurethane adhesive. These materials are used to keep the chair rigid, even when put through -40 to 120 degree temperatures.

I use only select Western Red Cedar as our wood stock of choice for the Outside Furniture. Western Red Cedar is simply the finest outdoor building material available! It is light weight, the resin is poisonous to insects, it is highly resistant to rot and this wood species features an extremely high thermal factor. Western Red Cedar has 80% of the tensile strength of Oak and is pound-for-pound stronger than steel!

Western Red Cedar is also an appearance-grade wood. When properly coated with Sikkens Cetol or Tung Oil, the grains stand out providing high aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability - even under severe weather conditions.

It is not uncommon for a properly finished Adirondack Chair to last 25 years, there are many in existence to prove it. Naturally, these Western Red Cedar furniture pieces often become family heirlooms and are handed down for generations.

Whenever you invest in one of my pieces, rest assured that you are getting the finest craftsmanship available. That fact is reflected in my Lifetime Warranty.

Santa Fe Chair
Santa Fe Chair

A Classy Cedar Chair!

This chair has an exceptional design flair.  It has many curved l...

Adirondack Chair
Adirondack Chair

Our Top-Selling Conventional Adirondack Chair!

This species of Cedar has magical properties. It is lightweight, and has an...

BIG BOY Adirondack Chair
BIG BOY Adirondack Chair

Our over-sized  Adirondack Chair for maximum comfort!

The BIG BOY chair is almost 20% wider than our conventional Adirondack Chai...

Footrest (Regular and Big Boy)
Footrest (Regular and Big Boy)

This Footrest serves a variety of purposes.
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Place your feet or anything else on it.

The bacteria and fun...

Adirondack Loveseat
Adirondack Loveseat

Designed for love birds with room for two to curl up!
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The Adirondack Loveseat is one of our most popular pieces. It costs only 50...

Round Table 36
Round Table 36"

With Adirondack Chair Styling

The Round Trestle Table is ideal for snacks or barbecue dinners. The table'...

Fancy Table
Fancy Table

Matches the entire product line!
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The Fancy Table is a great match for the Folding Adirondack Chair. Notice t...


A multi-purpose accent table!

The simple, square Adirondack table is solid and functional. It is the same...

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Our goal is to build quality products that exceed your expectations.

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